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Asian food through the eyes of a food intolerant

Finding how I would understand a different culture through my own personal experiences was tricky. Autoethnography “transcends mere narration of self to engage in cultural analysis and interpretation” (Chang 2008: 43). Keeping this statement in mind helped direct my ideas to something I could experience in depth. To do so I knew I would need […]

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Akira; A Look Into Our Future

Anthropologist Hayano used the term autoethnography in its early form, in a 1979 essay discussing the self-observational nature of the traditional ethnographic research. Hayano refers to cultural studies of an ethnographer’s ‘own people’, later we see the more common use of the term coined by Ellis defining it as; ”an autobiographical genre of writing and […]

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process or product? ¿por qué no los todos?

Autoethnography as described by Ellis as a method of both process and product. Process; It employs principles of both autobiography and ethnography to form a work based on hindsight and personal experience. Product; It can make a text aesthetic and evocative by using techniques which bring “readers into the scene” (Ellis, 2004, p.142), as well […]

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