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Japanese Graphic Design Culture: Treat/Candy Packaging -Re-Examination


Being my second Autoethnographic approach to unpacking my own individual response in relation to a cultural norm to which I am not familiar with, I found myself approaching it in a much more appropriate way than last time. That was, I was not disrupted by my own emotions. Being extremely interested in the subject of Japanese treat/candy packaging and the way they market these products I was able to completely disassemble the elements of design that I found unique and interesting, better yet, what I was not accustomed to.

Experiences that were central to the organisation of the experience at the time were completely based off my knowledge as a design student and what I have personally learnt over the past three years within my course. Each point that was made originated from what I picked up when I first witnessed the beautiful yet crazy/intense candy packaging.

What I didn’t…

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Japanese Graphic Design Culture: Treat/Candy Packaging


Since beginning this subject I always had a high interest in investigating the branding & design strategies of Asian countries compared to what I personally know/encounter/experience in every day life. I saw it as an opportunity to broaden my cultural understandings and gain a better knowledge of the world around me (specifically in design). When it came to identifying a specific individual task topic it didn’t occur to me until a fellow classmate brought in a variety of Japanese treats all interestingly, yet beautifully packaged in a playful yet enticing nature that I may be able to delve into the way Asian countries (I have now specifically chosen Japan) have developed their unique design styles within the marketing culture & industry.

After investigating the small packets of treats and goodies (delivered in a beautiful neatly compacted box by a company called “Tokyo Treat”) first hand I straight away recognised a…

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Gojira (1954)


Being introduced to the term “Autoethnography” has opened new doors to the way I understand research and the value that personal experience can withhold over the way culture can be understood. After examining the provided reading and attending each tutorial I have found myself analysing the 1954 film ‘Godzilla’ in an unfamiliar yet interestingly intimate way.  As Ellis (2011) explains “Authethnography is an approach to research and writing that seeks to describe and systematically analyse personal experience in order to understand cultural experience”I saw myself delving into my own encounters that completely related to scenes within ‘Godzilla’ that I would’ve missed before.

My initial thought as we began to watch the 1954 black and white film based on a large fire breathing dragon swamp monster all in Japanese (might I add) has me questioning how the hell i’m going to relate my personal experiences to the cultural understanding of such an old and seemingly irrelevant…

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