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Cross-culture in Music, Social Media and the Creative Industries

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(Wong, 2018)

During todays live-tweeting, we watched the film Asia Rising. This film explores artists including Rich Brian, Higher Brothers, and Keith Ape, and elaborates on the rapid success of Asian hip hop globally. This is a documentary that goes into further detail of their careers and essentially shows why and how they became successful, not only locally but also world wide.

The “emerging importance of creative industries is most evident in East Asian developing countries such as Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong and China.” (Cunningham, Ryan, Keane and Ordonez, 2004). The artists within these countries are expressing their culture and personal experiences through the music they produce. Thankfully, social media has made it possible for countries to come together and share their interest in the music, overall gaining knowledge into their cultural differences. Globalisation and the increasing importance of knowledge or information is the basis for “economic growth…

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Digital Transactions in Asia – Week 5

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(He, 2015)

Under the Dome (2015) explores the environmental differences that China is dealing with, in particular pollution. The pollution is mostly caused by coal and gas fumes. This causes a horrendous amount of health issues for individuals especially if they are exposed to this air from a young age, as this causes children to grow significantly slower and develop lung issues later in life.

While live screening this film, I felt extremely grateful for what I have. In Australia, we have had one major experience to relate to this issue and it was the bush fires. Others within my class also felt this same way, and we can reflect on this issue, and appreciate what we have.

Overtime, Asian countries have made changes to provide better air quality. Research shows that governments and authorities are already taking action, with new laws and stronger enforcement in recent years. These include

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AlphaGo – Week 3

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AlphaGo (2017) is a documentary directed by Greg Kohs, exploring a 3000 year old board game “go”. This board game is a cultural game played in Korea, that many children grow up learning to play during their school years. Within this documentary, the battle of the talented player Lee Sedoland an AI is taken to the test to determine the capability of the AI.

Within this weeks live tweeting, I expressed how interested I was in the concept of “human vs AI”. I discovered that AI’s don’t capture emotion and/or instinct the way humans do which is a strategy that the AI lacks. However there is so much opportunity and potential that AI’s can provide for this world in terms of the future of digital transactions. This is particularly capable of occurring in Asian countries as “Asia is one of the fastest growing regions in the…

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People’s Republic of Desire – Week 1

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People’s Republic of Desire (2018) is a documentary exploring the social transactions of two live streamers who seek fame, fortune and human connection to China’s “digital idol-making universe”. While watching this film, my tweets expressed my raw emotions towards the individuals, as I discovered the underlying struggles that these live streamers had to go through in order to “strategize and monetize their popularity” to make a living for themselves and their families (Marwick, 2015).

In China, the development of digital infrastructure has risen drastically as two billionpeople are now internet users (Internet World Stats, 2017). In china, this raised a large opportunity to make money digitally as live streamers, especially due to labour being extremely cheap.

Within this documentary, the success of these live streamers was very obvious and it was due to the marketing of their often-meagre talents in ways that allows thousands of their fans to send…

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