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Need More Freedom: Strict Japanese School Rules

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Arriving at our last week of BCM320 Blog posts, I will be reviewing the Japanese anime series titled ‘High Score Girl’. This series is about Haruno and his ‘rich’ classmate Akira, playing 90’s games.

Hai Sukoa Garu, Image , IMDb,

As you may know I am from Japan, so a large part of the series was very nostalgic to me, bringing me back to my own childhood. Therefore, today we will be uncovering some similarities and differences regarding the Japanese school culture of ‘Kaigui’ depicted in the series and how that compares to Australia.

Why Kaigui is bad in Japan?

‘Kaigui’ in simple terms is the act of failing to follow a strict routine (e.g. oing straight home from school) in order to satisfy one’s wants or needs. An example can be taken from the act of going to a convenient store for a snack after school instead…

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Does the film truly reflect the reality of transportation services in Pakistan?

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Back at it again with BCM 320 this week!

This time we focused on the film titled ‘Cake’ by director Asim Abbasi. This movie is based on one family’s journey and their different phases of life, including both love and lost.

The movie was filmed in Pakistan and the U.K, and showcases many aspects of Pakistani lifestyle, especially their culture and traditions.

Therefore, this week I will be exploring one interesting part of their life (transportation), and its comparison within the Australian context!!

Cake (2018), Image, IMDb,

How do people in Pakistan travel??

In Australia, when people travel, they have a variety of options depending on their preference. But, in terms of taxi service, it is common for people to use Uber, Ola etc instead of the traditional ‘Taxi’ in Australia and other developed countries. This is heavily due to the price differences. From my experience, taking an…

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Hitting off the second week of BCM 320, I am assuming everyone including myself are getting more use to weekly blogging. This week I will review the Vietnamese Action movie titled ‘Furie’, by director Le Van Kiet. The movie pictures the relationship between a single- mother (Hai) and her daughter (Mai). In the film, Mai is kidnapped by a heinous Vietnamese child trafficking gang and follows the ‘ex-gangster’ Hai’s journey to rescue her daughter and free many other children who have fallen victim as well.

Furie (2019), Image, IMDb,

BTW… here is my reaction to the movie, and Hai’s fighting scene!!

Is Cash still being used in Vietnam??

This week, I am going to focus on a symbolic item from the movie and explore what that means in Vietnam. Additionally, I will also compare them with my own culture (Japanese) to find any similarities or differences as a…

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The Cultural affiliations ‘Love for Sale’ showed me.. between Indonesia and Japan

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Hitting off the first week of BCM320, we began by reviewing the film titled “Love for Sale” by director Andibachtiar Yusuf. The Indonesian film depicts the modern struggle between money and love, through the two main characters; Richard and Arini, and the complex emotions and circumstance that comes with it.

The Character ‘Richard’, played by Gading Marten takes on the role of a nasty boss who has never experienced a relationship and challenged by his friends to bring a girlfriend to a wedding, Richard opts to the use of a dating app to help him find his ‘Mrs. right’.

This leads Richard to his destined meeting with Arini, played Della Dartyan, who as depicted by the film is a much younger and more attractive individual. This begins the complexities that come with their arrangement as Arini begins her relationship with Richard based on the need for money, whilst Richard is…

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