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Independent Autoethnographic Project


Ever since I was little, films, TV shows have constantly been in my life, making them down the skatepark with friends and even conducting little skits before I ever even owned a proper camera. Seeing this it’s no doubt my direction at Uni was heading towards making films and studying to be a film maker. As I learnt very early into looking at Universities my teachers always made the impression to study what you love at Uni otherwise you probably won’t make it through. Digital Media was the way to go for me as it offered a place working with people who have been through the film industry with TAFE and also being a full time University student with a degree.

(These are a few screenshots of some films i worked on while at uni)

Instantly from day one the “cruisy” relaxed lifestyle of a film maker set in but…

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Autoethnography & Live Tweeting Reflection


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Autoethnography is a research and writing approach taken that describes and analyses personal experience in order to understand cultural experience ”

-Ellis, C., Adams, T.E., and Bochner, A.P. (2011) ‘Autoethnography: An Overview‘-

This week our focus pulled towards Autoethnography in Bcm320, it plays into a person’s frame work the writer reflects upon oneself, making sense of your own experience in order to understand and present cultural experience. From the discussing in class Autoethnography sets itself as the middle ground between Autobiography and Ethnography.

“Thus, as a method, autoethnography is both process and product”

-Ellis, C., Adams, T.E., and Bochner, A.P. (2011) ‘Autoethnography: An Overview‘-

After this week’s reading I was immediately drawn to Frameworks, specifically peoples Frameworks. In my Class Bcm302 we constantly talk about these frameworks, you can easily consider them as stereotypes if you so need to, but as stereotype is thought of…

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BCM320 – Live Tweeting Reflection -Blog Post 1


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This first week of Live tweeting in BCM320 and the weeks to come for that matter, was exciting, challenging and engaging. Even in BCM325 I always enjoyed the Live tweeting aspect of watching films as it gives us the opportunity to engage with the films in a new way not so much focusing on the cinematography of films, although in many cases this is the most enjoyable aspect, but engaging more with understanding and researching the concepts behind the film. By forcing yourself to create insightful tweets about the film we are able to get an appreciative knowledge of the concept behind why film makers do what they do, which in turn lets us see the film in a completely new light.  The film presented was Gojira/ Godzilla a 1954 film Produced by Tomoyuki Tanaka, being a subtitled film created some interesting barriers for me as I’ve never watched a…

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