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Keen to Stream – India’s Cinema in the Digital Age

Bees and Bells

Last week I reflected on India’s digital cinema, in relation to recent lockdowns and my online streaming experience. In terms of Asia in the Digital Age, India’s big step from movie cinemas to laptop/phone screens demonstrates that in order to stay connect you need to connect.

Since the majority of the global population lives in Asia, they will soon become the predominant when it comes to digital systems. This notion could be compared to India’s cinema, as they are the world’s largest producer of films, they could hold the majority in the future when it comes to digital cinema.

The perfect conditions have been created for this transition which includes:

  • Affordable mobile broadband
  • Increase in content consumption
  • High smart-phone penetration
  • Investments in Indian originals
  • 40 over-the-top media services operating in India

“Asia in the digital age” demonstrates that conditions such as these allow people to “gain…

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Reflecting on India’s Digital Cinema

Bees and Bells

Image from: Al Jazeera

In a time of lockdowns and travel bands, the only way many Australians can explore other countries is digital. So while Asia in the digital age has encouraged many economic, political and social changes within, it has also had a flow-on effect to many western countries.

It came as a shock to me to learn that India is the world’s largest producer of films. Not only this, but the contribution the Indian film industry contributes for more than 50% of the Indian economy! This has a huge amount of benefits to local economies, as it boosts the number of tourists and features key Southern Indian languages.

When learning this I couldn’t help but think “how is that possible?!”, especially due to the fact that I am all too familiar with film releases being pushed back or cancelled due to Covid. So to have 50% of…

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The Algorithm of Human Intuition – AlphaGo

Bees and Bells

The number of possible board configurations in the game Go is more than the number of atoms in the universe, so who better to take the game on than artificial intelligence?

This sort of incredible computing power seems like what you would only see in science fiction. Sure it’s not threatening to overrule the world, but it is digital processes that are so complex that they could change the way we operate as a society, yet it can be classified as Esports. This discussion became the focus during my live tweeting of AlphaGo (2017) – what does this mean and where will it lead us?

In Anthique’s discussion of the “Infrastructural Turn” the technical level of infrastructure includes…

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Show me HOW MUCH you care – People’s Republic of Desire

Bees and Bells

In a time of influencers squeezing money from their fans, live streamers put them to shame. After the live screening of “People’s Republic of Desire” (2018) I’ve realised that maybe I’m in the minority as a fan…

Original Image SXSW

Right off the bat I was taken back by the interaction that take place on the social network, although technically it is not that different from Twitch. Through virtual tip jars fans can donate to their favourite streamer, earning China’s live-stream market at least $3 billion in 2016.

Yet “People’s Republic of Desire” proved the lengths fan’s were willing to go to just demonstrate their loyalty and feel noticed. Fan’s that were pictured in the documentary could be earning around $400 a month, working low-paying jobs and sleeping in a room with 6 other people, yet they were still happy to donate what little they did earn…

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