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Analysis of my autoethnograph approach

Allanah Johnson

Since my blog post ‘Marketing & Advertising in Japan Project‘, I have started to develop this project.

I plan on researching marketing and advertising in Japan. I will specifically look at the marketing and advertising in Japan and the adaption of Japanese products in the Australian market. Similarly, I will reflect the adoption of Australian products in the Japanese market.

I will relate this research back to my own personal cultural framework. This will be by looking at how an Australian product is advertised in Japan. I will make comparisions to how their values are adapted.

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I have been following Ellis et al (2011) to structure my research. Ellis touches on the points regarding autoethnography: the process, the product, and the forms and approaches to autoethnography.

The process:

Ellis et al (2011) describes the process of autoethnography as, they study a culture’s relational practices, common values and…

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Marketing & Advertising in Japan Project

Allanah Johnson

In my university subject, Digital Asia, we have been set with a task to undertake an autoethnography research. Autoethnography is a research and writing method that aims to define and evaluate personal experiences systematically to comprehend cultural experience.

At first, I was stuck for ideas on an experience with a digital Asian topic. After thinking about it, I had al lightbulb moment and chose to look into the marketing and advertising in Japan.

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I am a marketing and digital media and communication student. So, this topic excites me to research. I have had exposure to marketing in Australia, however, not in other cultures. I am interested to see Japans different values when they are marketing a product and how they adapt their advertising strategies across different countries and populations.

I want to particularly consider the adaptation of Japanese marketing/products around the globe. Particularly, how the advertising looks in Japan and…

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Autoethnography via Akira

Allanah Johnson

Today I am going to start off by talking to you about autoethnographic. But first, watch this YouTube video on ‘what is autoethnographic?’.

Okay now you’re up to speed with the concept autoethnographic.

Thanks to, ‘Autoethnography: An Overview’, I now understand the concept. This reading explains that autoethnography is a research and writing method that aims to define and evaluate personal experiences systematically to comprehend cultural experience. This strategy questions scriptural methods of doing research and portraying others and regards research as an act of political, socially-justice and social awareness. A research utilizes autobiographical and ethnographic principles to do and write autoethnography.

So, in simple form, “Autoethnography is an approach to research and writing that seeks to describe and systematically analyze (graphy) personal experience (auto) in order to understand cultural experience (ethno)”.

In my UOW subject digital Asia we are being exposed to…

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The Host – Digital Asia

Allanah Johnson

In my university subject, Digital Asia, we viewed the host whilst we live tweeted. The lights were off and we sat in a classroom viewing together. The Host (2006) is a South Korean monster film. “The film concerns a monster kidnapping a man’s daughter, and his attempts to rescue her. According to the director, his inspiration came from a local article about a deformed fish with an S-shaped spine caught in the Han River”. Before this class I had no idea what this film was and what to expect.

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Growing up I have always been fascinated with other cultures. Although, Korean culture is one I have never really humored in. This is partly due to not being familiar with the language and the culture.

I was born and raised in Australia with an Australian cultural upbringing. I grew up on vegemite, laminations and fairy bread while watching ABC.

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