Author: Alex Belle

Good Words. Good Thoughts. Good Deeds.

Alway late to the party, Introduction never needed..


I’m Alex, more commonly know as Belle. I’m pretty terrible at introductions. They are awkward though. Like when you’re with friends and they bump into people they know, but you don’t. Instantly panic sets in. Do I introduce myself? Stumble with my words and make a mess of the situation? No, no don’t do that. What do I have to distract myself? Ah! my phone.. the endless scrolls of Facebook and Instagram will do just nicely..
*other people walk off*
‘See you later’… Like a boss!

Majoring in digital media, minoring in international studies, I’m into the third and hopefully final year of my BCM degree. I have a large interest in art, film and social demographics. However, it was nostalgia for those school mornings spent watching hours of anime and the Pokémon Blue fuelled bus ride that followed that led me to want to undertake this subject. Im would like to largely examine anime (looking broader than Japanese) and asian gaming cultures. I feel as though research for these fields is going to be more leisure than university work, as I’ve just recently purchased a Game Boy Colour and feel an appetite for Naruto, Cowboy Bebop and Bleach coming on.