About BCM320 Digital Asia (formerly DIGC330)

This subject explores a range of contemporary Asian digital media cultures and communication practices, and examines the significance of Digital Asia in a global context. It provides students with opportunities to investigate and critically reflect upon the production and consumption of new cultural forms and cutting-edge developments, as for example, in mobile applications and online platforms, fan cultures, K-pop and J-Pop phenomena, social media, microblogging, digital games and e-commerce; as well as immersive Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality genres and experiences. Through lectures and tasks exploring these topics, including the impacts of networked activism across the region, students will learn to locate ‘Digital Asia’ within specific historical, cultural, industrial and diasporic contexts and perspectives.

Subject Objectives/Learning Outcomes 

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of issues concerning the production, consumption and circulation of Asian digital media in national and global contexts
  2. Communicate an understanding of the auto ethnographic research methodology through critical examination of the consumption of digital Asian media in a local context
  3. Critically analyse and discuss the implications of the texts, technologies, regulation, governance and corporate practices found in the digital Asian environment using appropriate theoretical frameworks
  4. Communicate effectively in person, in text and other media, to apply knowledge and digital skills relevant to the media, communication and creative industries

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