Misty Hollow Video Essay & Contextual Report

Emma Sloane

Originating in Japan, dating simulators are a type of video game that falls under the simulation sub-genre. They focus on developing romantic, and sometimes sexual relationships in a format similar to a choose-your-own-adventure style or statistical butterfly-effect games. 

It is no surprise that Japanese dating simulators are wildly popular in Japan, given their origin. However, dating simulators have slowly been bleeding into western culture. Whilst this means that Japanese-made games such as theDoki Doki Literature ClubandHaotful Boyfriendare gaining popularity in the west, it also means that new western, or western-inspired dating simulators are being created, such asMisty Hollow.

Eastern versus Western Art Style

One key, easily identifiable difference between Japanese dating simulators, and their westernised counterparts is the game’s art style. Japanese dating simulators are always animated with a manga art style, whereas the western games will be drawn in comic. This is due…

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