The Universal Hype of Squid Game 

michaela shales

BCM320 Contextual Report 

Project Summary

In this post, I have documented some of the research I gathered about the universal hype of the Korean Netflix series Squid Game. I also decided to jump on a social media trend where I play an online game version of Squid Game for my digital artefact on YouTube.

Squid Game instantaneously rose to the #1 Netflix TV series spot after its release on September 17, 2021. The Korean drama is based on 456 fictional characters who are in major debt and at an all time low. They travel to an undisclosed location and are offered a large cash prize for competing against each other to win a few childhood Korean games. Seymour (2021) explains how Squid Game “mirrors our money-hungry society driven by competition and displays how much… it will truly take for humans to turn their lives around and become genuine individuals”. However,

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