The Rise of Asian music Supremacy

This week’s screening was one that again took me by surprise in the best way! 88rising is an American Music company showcasing Asian American and Asian artists who release music in the United States. The documentary covers artist from all across Asia, calling on their own influences, how they are making it in the industry and the struggles they meet w hen presenting themselves to western society.

Through the use of the internet, many of these musicians were able to not only learn English but spread their music in order to be heard by the world. These advancements have led to social changes, business opportunities and growth within their industries that is now being seen around the world (Li 2020, p 1). Operations within cultures such as music and fashion have allowed relationships to develop between countries (Athique 2019, p 17) clearly outlining the movement of modernization that symbolizes future opportunities (Athique 2019, p 17).

Looking into musicians like Rich Brian and Awich, the industry has shown that listeners are invested in their stories as well as their music and responded well. However, Rich Brian was met with scrutiny when he used a play on words with a racial slur to define his stage name, causing outrage amongst the music community. Both artists however, what to change the way Asian creator are defined, changing from the dorky Asian kid or a woman who cant rap, to powerful influencers that are shaping the industry.

Without even realizing it, I had already heard music from some artists associated with 88rising over the last few years as it made its way to our shores. This just goes to show that the digital market is undertaking some serious changes within technological advancements to create a more effective global approach to how things are consumed (Li 2020, p 1).

The overall message from the documentary was very clear in the intentions from the Asian community and how they are approaching their path to pushing the boundaries of the music industry, whether western artists like it or not. This concept will allow digital transactions to bring Asia to being seen in a new light (Athique 2019, p 18), melding countries and culture together for a new generation to expand and create without fear or hesitation.

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