Asia in the Digital Age

In my previous blog on ‘India in a Day’ (2016), I touched on the themes of technology and development. Throughout this subject, we have reflected on the use of technology across the globe and how it impacts us culturally and as individuals.

The subject particularly reflected on Asian cinema and the rise of Asian cinema within the film sector. A rise in online streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon have allowed Western audiences to interact with Asian cinema in a way that they may not have done before.

Mike Goodridge – artistic director of Macao’s International Film Festival and Awards says that “in the past, we’ve been at the mercy of what you call American cultural imperialism” however, streaming services have meant that more local films and TV are being produced to encourage subscribers in each country to patriciate with these services. In correlation, Anthique (2019) states that “the expanding flow of media content has a transformative effect upon popular culture across the region, not only from ‘Western’ material, but also form Asian content”.

The Indian Film Industry is one of the most accounted for within the Asian film market.

According to Dastidar & Elliott (2020), India is one of the worlds largest producers of film “producing 1724 films in 2013 compared to 728 films produced in the USA”.

The documentary ‘India in a Day’ (2016) provides insight into the unique way in which Indian cinema can be produced and portrayed. The film highlights an evident changing landscape in India brought upon by developments and technology.

Overall, this subject has broadened my knowledge on Asian cinema and how it has advanced alongside technology. I have thoroughly enjoyed being immersed into the Asian culture and engaging with content that I have not necessarily engaged with before.


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