Censory Overload

Carmody Conversation

There is an inherent fear that is associated with the freedom of media for authoritarian governments. This panic is being further enhanced by the constant development and evolving nature of digital media.

Defined by the suppression of media, the concept of censorship is a current issue that is being discussed on a global scale. Conversations are being had regarding the potential affects of limiting citizens free speech, government control over media, as well as political ongoings that are impacting citizens (Lorentzen 2013).

Giphyy// Censoship

Social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram have widely protected users’ free speech, in accordance with the legal norms of a Western based organisation (Citron 2017). However, these terms and conditions are not relevant for those residing in countries that are living under the autocratic control of the information spread online by both private and public organisations.

For those living in countries under an…

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