Digital Asia: Film Industry

michaela shales

Over the past few years, Asian cinema has become increasingly more popular within the film industry. Due to the rise of technology, the world is more open to engage with media from other cultures. Online streaming services such as Netflix have changed the way the world is interacting with cinema and allows the world to access films from anywhere. As a result, a lot of Western audiences are more open to watching films produced by Asia because there is now access online.

The four main countries that account for the majority of the Asian film market are China, Japan, South Korea, and India. Paksiutov (2021) highlights that “In 2010-2018, the total box office revenue in the Asia-Pacific countries approximately doubled to $16.7 billion from $8.5 billion”. In this post, I have researched the Indian film industry to demonstrate how digital Asia has changed over the past few years. 

Indian Film…

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