When Cultures Integrate — Establishing Emily

This week we watched Asia Rising: The Next Generation of Hip Hop (2019), a documentary delving into the rise of Asian hip hop music. As the internet has gained prominence, the assimilation of cultures has been widespread (Athique and Baulch, 2019). In Asia, as more people started to use the internet to explore different genres […]

When Cultures Integrate — Establishing Emily

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  1. Hi Emily!
    Your overview of this week’s screening is well researched and covers the topic of the spreading of music in Asia to the west. The fact that cultures around the world are colliding to influence one another just goes to show how music has created international relations (Athique 2019, p17). There will always be clouded cross-overs in translation and how words can be perceived which I think is really important that is touched on but not taken too seriously which is great to see that you covered when talking about how artists have learned English from rap music. Overall, there will always be risks to anything but the movement towards sharing cultures through this creative form is important for the next generation in creating their own traditions of their culture (Athique 2019, p18).

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