Keen to Stream – India’s Cinema in the Digital Age

Bees and Bells

Last week I reflected on India’s digital cinema, in relation to recent lockdowns and my online streaming experience. In terms of Asia in the Digital Age, India’s big step from movie cinemas to laptop/phone screens demonstrates that in order to stay connect you need to connect.

Since the majority of the global population lives in Asia, they will soon become the predominant when it comes to digital systems. This notion could be compared to India’s cinema, as they are the world’s largest producer of films, they could hold the majority in the future when it comes to digital cinema.

The perfect conditions have been created for this transition which includes:

  • Affordable mobile broadband
  • Increase in content consumption
  • High smart-phone penetration
  • Investments in Indian originals
  • 40 over-the-top media services operating in India

“Asia in the digital age” demonstrates that conditions such as these allow people to “gain…

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  1. I really enjoyed reading this blog post. I think that India’s digital cinemas are intriguing and you have captured every part of it. You have outlined the main points and why it is so beautiful yet different. I recommend checking out this article on digital Bollywood and how mainstream movie and series streaming sites such as Netflix has presented Indian Cinema



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