Cross-culture in Music, Social Media and the Creative Industries

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(Wong, 2018)

During todays live-tweeting, we watched the film Asia Rising. This film explores artists including Rich Brian, Higher Brothers, and Keith Ape, and elaborates on the rapid success of Asian hip hop globally. This is a documentary that goes into further detail of their careers and essentially shows why and how they became successful, not only locally but also world wide.

The “emerging importance of creative industries is most evident in East Asian developing countries such as Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong and China.” (Cunningham, Ryan, Keane and Ordonez, 2004). The artists within these countries are expressing their culture and personal experiences through the music they produce. Thankfully, social media has made it possible for countries to come together and share their interest in the music, overall gaining knowledge into their cultural differences. Globalisation and the increasing importance of knowledge or information is the basis for “economic growth…

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  1. Hi Caitlyn, your blog post was really well written and interesting, you made some really interesting points regarding the career prospects associated with technological developments in Asia! The concept was explored very well and provided a great contrast to your previous blog post. You provided great insights into the changing nature of business in Asia and around the world, as technology continues to develop. It is interesting to think about how much of an impact the internet has had, allowing for change within the arts such as the music industry. Your point on how the digital transformation has allowed for the westernisation of media within eastern countries, it is interesting to think on the long term effects of this, whether it will be positive or negative. Technology has allowed small artists to blow up in popularity, reaching success that would never have been imagined, removing the barrier of physical locations and language. Asthique (2019) highlights how platforms have provided the ability for artists to monetise their work, creating this digital transaction where money is exchanged for the production of their service. Youtube has been a pioneer for this production of music, as evident by Rich Brian. Overall good job, really enjoyed reading it!

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  2. Hi Caitlyn, I found your blog very interesting. You explored the concepts of potential career prospects within Digital Asia really insightfully. Highlighting how the internet has allowed for so much change especially within the creative industries, and the transformation that has occurred due to people’s ability to learn about others cultures. I totally agree how the internet has allowed for a significant increase of the westernisation of the creative industries in Asia, the impact it is having is quite substantial and overall has allowed for a lot of key Asian figures such as BTS to break through tough cultural barriers. As you say Caitlyn, the ability for the artists to become commercially successful would not have been possible without the internet providing a platform which allows for the wide reach of people and ability to have transactions without the need of a physical presence. For example a traditional media tour where stars visit local media channels to create awareness of their offerings. Athique (2019) mentions how “product and cloud platforms” have allowed for monetization of creativity by providing platforms where exchanges of money and for a good or service is possible in the online world such as the ability to earn money from views on platforms such as Youtube.

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