The Gaming Industry in Asia


#bcm320 #DigitalAsia #blogpost3

I wanted to talk about the gaming industry in Asian countries for this blog post as I discovered that one of the most recent top selling video games in Japan was Animal Crossing: New Horizons. In week 3 of Digital Asia, we discussed Esports and Games in Asia drawing from our live screening, AlphaGo. So in this post, I will discuss the gaming industry in Asia, why it is so popular using statistics and facts, and how the online gaming industry in Asia is going to look in the future (will it grow?).

Week 3’s lecture reading on the digital gaming culture in Vietnam was an interesting read for me, I learnt about how big it is in particular areas of Asia, why it is so big in Vietnam and I was able to draw from this study and relate it back to the general topic of…

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