New Wave of Cinema — Establishing Emily

In India, going to the cinema is a BIG deal. The Indian film industry is the biggest in the world, producing around 1500-2000 films per year. Naturally, not all of these films succeed, with 85 per cent failing at the box office. We now live in a world where streaming services are popping up here, […]

New Wave of Cinema — Establishing Emily

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  1. It is really interesting to think about “Asia in the digital age”, particularly India as they rely so heavily on their film industry, so turning to streaming services is the only viable solution (depending on their budget). Of course theatrical releases are important all across the globe, but I think you raise a good point about its cultural significance in India, so while streaming is an option it’s also not the problem-solving solution. I also wonder what price pays into this decision. As many people in Australia would opt for “express release” movies on streaming platforms over a trip to the cinema simply to save money, yet Indian movie tickets are known to be pretty cheap. I actually read that weekday movie tickets in India cost around 200 Rupee which is the equivalent of $3.70!


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