Digital Cinema – Anime in Asia


This week I am exploring my initial and present reflection of the popular Asian cinematic genre of Anime. During the current pandemic, my family and I have been exploring different genres in streaming services, which has led to me watching Anime series on Netflix. Anime originally came from the English word “animation” (Japan Info 2015), is a Japanese cartoon and has been very popular and influential in Asia from the 1980s to the present (Wai-ming 2002).
From my perspective in Australia, Anime is considered a niche interest in western cultures. However, since my progressing interest in Anime, I have realised that my reflection may be false and that Anime is not to be considered a niche at all. This makes me raise the question of how popular Anime is in western cultures? To what scale is Anime’s popularity in Asia? What digital transactions are involved within the Anime universe?


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  1. Hey Kirsty! I thoroughly enjoyed reading through your blog post about anime and digital cinema. I agree that the rise of technology and the digital age has helped this type of content reach new audiences outside of Japan. Antique (2019) states that “more efficient devices and compressed audiovisual formats enabled faster data transfers that saw the Internet become the major conduit for the circulation of intangible goods”. I’d say that the internet and the availability of streaming services have encouraged Western cultures to engage with Anime and digital cinema from Asia. But still, like you said, anime in Asia is a lot more expensive compared to western countries. Nevertheless, there is still an amazing opportunity for fans of anime to share their interests and engage with other fans on the internet (eg. fan accounts on social media).


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