Reflecting on India’s Digital Cinema

Bees and Bells

Image from: Al Jazeera

In a time of lockdowns and travel bands, the only way many Australians can explore other countries is digital. So while Asia in the digital age has encouraged many economic, political and social changes within, it has also had a flow-on effect to many western countries.

It came as a shock to me to learn that India is the world’s largest producer of films. Not only this, but the contribution the Indian film industry contributes for more than 50% of the Indian economy! This has a huge amount of benefits to local economies, as it boosts the number of tourists and features key Southern Indian languages.

When learning this I couldn’t help but think “how is that possible?!”, especially due to the fact that I am all too familiar with film releases being pushed back or cancelled due to Covid. So to have 50% of…

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