India In A Day

michaela shales

The footage in India In A Day (2016) is very raw as it was crowdsourced from locals and shot on cameras & smartphones on October 15th 2015. This footage was then submitted to a Google website and it was edited by Canadian-Indian film director Richie Mehta. It gives viewers an insight of the highs and lows as it is filmed from the perspective of citizens of India.

According to Ghosh Dastidar & Caroline Elliott (2020) “​​India continues to be by far the world’s largest producer of films, producing 1724 films in 2013 compared to 738 films produced in the USA, and 638 films produced in China”. This film is not the typical Bollywood style we all know. It’s actually a documentary where people of India invite us into their lives and personal experiences living in India.

A majority of the film is well photographed and the overall cinematography provides a…

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  1. Your discussion of AI is really interesting, especially when viewing it in the age of transactions. I think it is really difficult for humans to interact with the game Go in the same way as AI does, as it is in our nature for it to be a social transaction. I completely agree with how thought provoking it was to see Lee trying to get a sense of the AI’s emotions (as he would with a human Go player) but realises it “can’t feel nothing”. This is why I find it a little unsettling when AI is built to improve itself, as it is constantly observing and learning through every transaction it undergoes. But it is interesting that you also point out that a human has to create AI first, so we can’t necessarily look at the competition as man vs AI because there is also a team of humans behind the AI who have spent years building it.


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