The Emergence of Ai into Gaming


Artificial intelligence has been a new aspect to gaming technology in the past couple of years and has brought a new dimension to user experience. It has introduced the fascinating prospect of creating digital beings/competitors to interact and respond to other gamers. For example, Microsoft is exploring player modelling which is an ai system that learns how to act and react by observing how human players behave in game worlds (Stuart 2021).

This new technology brings the possibility of turning popular board games into an ai experience. The documentary directed by Greg Kohs in 2017 titles ‘ALPHAGO’ explores the creation of an ai controlled game of ‘Go’.

(TEDx Talks 2019)

The ‘ALPHAGO’ documentary demonstrates the extensive love and passion for ‘Go’ across Asian communities and yet it also demonstrated much fear from these communities when Google Deep Mind introduced their latest project of an ai responsive Go competitor (called AlphaGo)…

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  1. Hey Kirsty! Your understanding of the AlphaGo Deepmind system and documentary really gives someone who hasn’t view the doc a great way to appreciate the game without having to look up the rules or get confused by them. I really enjoyed when you mentioned
    “This possibility of growth and new understanding towards the game of Go could bring together more Go players and start new conversations and connections.”
    It was such a fascinating topic that not a lot of westerners know about but I think you really captured an insight into Lee Sedol’s reaction and the overall success of the AI production of the game.


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