The Algorithm of Human Intuition – AlphaGo

Bees and Bells

The number of possible board configurations in the game Go is more than the number of atoms in the universe, so who better to take the game on than artificial intelligence?

This sort of incredible computing power seems like what you would only see in science fiction. Sure it’s not threatening to overrule the world, but it is digital processes that are so complex that they could change the way we operate as a society, yet it can be classified as Esports. This discussion became the focus during my live tweeting of AlphaGo (2017) – what does this mean and where will it lead us?

In Anthique’s discussion of the “Infrastructural Turn” the technical level of infrastructure includes…

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  1. Hey Bella. Great blog post and recount on the film AlphaGo. I think everybody connected and interpreted the film in a similar way as it was engaging to all. I loved your reference to AI systems mentioning that “it is digital processes that are so complex that they could change the way we operate as a society”, I think this is spot on. Even though they could change the world and the way we operate, I believe that we as humans can challenge that, just like Lee Se-dol beat the AlphaGo. I also love your live tweeting commentary, you really capture the main story and dive in deep on the film tweeting on AI and how they change society.


  2. Hi Bella, I found your blog post to be very interesting. You raised some good points about AI technology and its future in society. I recently saw an article online that relates to your post, highlighting the sheer amount of money that is being invested into the AI industry by tech giants like Elon Musk. It is almost like an Arms race to see which country can advance the quickest, with the winner being the “ruler of the world”. Your point about the use of AI in infrastructure and manufacturing was justified really well, there are so many potential risks of working in industries like construction so maybe AI is beneficial to an extent, but there will always be this fear of humans being made redundant in the workforce due to this constant development in technology. I think the advancements made in AI definitely have their pros and cons, but it does seem as though we have established an unattainable goal that humans are constantly striving for, and then pushing it just a little bit further each time we meet the goal. Technology is advancing faster than human’s ability to manage the risks and consequences with the benefits and it will be interesting to see what new technology will be developed next!


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