Wake me up before you AlphaGo go

Carmody Conversation

Electronic sports (Esports) refers to the concept of competitive video gaming. Often taking the form of organised and multiplayer games; esports has become a popular source of entertainment for many. This past decade has seen a dramatic increase in the popularity of esports on a global scale, establishing it as a key contributor to popular culture, particularly in Asia. The concept of esports brings together two or more people in a virtual environment, removing the physical limitations of geography.

Since its establishment in 1971, esports has since developed to encompass a range of elements. It goes beyond just playing a video game; and now involves things such as the publishing of relevant written works, live streaming as a source of entertainment and/or income, as well as fuelling the betting and gambling industry. The gaming industry continues to develop and expand as technology evolves. With the global sports economy now reaching…

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