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Over the past decade Esports (Electronic Sports) have increased in popularity and become a strong aspect of global popular culture and especially in Asia. Esports refers to the concept of competitive video gaming within the online space, often conducted in multiplayer settings where players meet with other users virtually.

The realm of Esports goes beyond just playing the game as it has become a contributor to other industries such as live streamers as mentioned in previous blog post as well as other industries including gambling, publishing, technology and live entertainment. Esports popularity has significantly grown with the Global Sport Economy by bringing in $700 million in 2017 (Chapman, 2017), the Industry can also boast 2.3 billion users globally (McCauley, Nguyen, McDonald & Wearing, 2020).

In this week’s seminar we viewed critically acclaimed documentary AlphaGo by Greg Koh (2017) which focuses on the evolving development between traditional gaming and artificially enhanced…

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