ALPHAGO (2017)



A snappy and mind-boggling documentary about a 3000-year-old board game and a A.I. program.

AlphaGo - The Movie | Full award-winning documentary - YouTube

Directed by Greg Kohs, AlphaGo is a thrilling documentary which showcases a man against a machine in a battle for superiority over an ancient Chinese game. One more milestone in humanities path to a robo-ruled future is passed in Greg Kohs’ AlphaGo, the tale of the AI program that dominated the most muddled table top game at any point developed. Going to a great length to say the accomplishment it accounts is as yet far from Skynet, the film does powerfully pass on the shock with what people abruptly acknowledge they have been overwhelmed a long time before they expected to be. Including and impactful if some of the time less useful than it very well may be, the film ought to have bid on link after its short dramatic run.

Watching this film, I…

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