Cinema and India

For as long as I can remember, Bollywood movies were always beautiful, lively and extravagant. But after watching this weeks screening ‘India in a Day (Google India, 2016) A crowd sourced film’, I found it wonderful to see a new perspective of life in India from the city to the country as well as their struggles without internet.

Although with the current pandemic, the film and cinema industry (like everywhere) has taken a downfall in production as well as viewership. This has led to individuals finding new forms of entertainment.

In the article above, the “country’s film industry was estimated to be worth 194.2 billion rupees ($2.5 billion) in 2019”. This statistic reaffirms India’s income derived from their own people as well as those around the world who would view these film’s, yet with the situation now, filming an individual’s life at home is the only safe way to get media across whilst still being engaged.

Lack of knowledge about latest methods and technology: A majority of Indian farmers are smallholders who rely on traditional resource-intensive farming techniques. They have limited access to modern machinery, logistics and storage facilities, and information such as data on weather patterns, soil health, and protection of crops.”

Climate change is one of the biggest threats to India’s farming industry, which has become apparent to the public as well. In December 2019 where over 25,000 hectares of crops were destroyed in what experts term as the worst-such attack in 25 years by locust that couldn’t be predicted without warning of drought.

Most of the younger generations, mainly in the west, have no concept of life without technology. This then doesn’t show the gravity technology has on industries that provide for whole nations, with resources creating the foundations the youth live upon.

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