Show me HOW MUCH you care – People’s Republic of Desire

Bees and Bells

In a time of influencers squeezing money from their fans, live streamers put them to shame. After the live screening of “People’s Republic of Desire” (2018) I’ve realised that maybe I’m in the minority as a fan…

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Right off the bat I was taken back by the interaction that take place on the social network, although technically it is not that different from Twitch. Through virtual tip jars fans can donate to their favourite streamer, earning China’s live-stream market at least $3 billion in 2016.

Yet “People’s Republic of Desire” proved the lengths fan’s were willing to go to just demonstrate their loyalty and feel noticed. Fan’s that were pictured in the documentary could be earning around $400 a month, working low-paying jobs and sleeping in a room with 6 other people, yet they were still happy to donate what little they did earn…

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  1. Yeah, I feel like the most disarming thing about the documentary was that the mechanics of the platform was so close to major platforms here in the western sphere of the net. It felt like I was viewing a ‘slippery slope’ of what it could turn into. That being said, the major difference between what we saw and my own stream watching habit, is that watching streams for me has never progressed beyond a passive activity. At no point have I ever felt the slightest urge move beyond a comatose like state watching a stream (that might be because I usually watch a bald man hunting for bases on Minecraft tho) Regardless, definitely not to the point of taking part in the chat or to donate although I know that many do.


  2. I couldn’t of described the streaming world and popularity throughout not only Asia but here in Australia myself. You said it perfectly. Just like you I have never personally donated to any streamers because there is really no value there for me to at all, it is just an extra way to get money and it is crazy to think how easy it is also. This week will definitely be mentioned in my DA and the whole streaming conversation as it shows how Digital Asia has grown and developed over the years in global media. Streaming has become such a big thing but again, as much as it may be entertain to watch people play their favourite games online, I would never personally donate to anything entertainment wise, unless there is real value coming from it. I found your tweets about this interesting as well, as I was reading through the replies you received, it seems as though that the majority of others from this subject agree and are yet t donate to any streamers at all weather that be merch or on a Twitch or other streaming platforms.


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