Connecting through livestreams and transactions


Digital Asia

Digital financial transactions

Digital Asia – Digital financial transactions

When watching the documentary directed by Hao Wu in 2018, ‘People’s Republic of Desire’, I was enlightened by the advanced system of digital financial transactions within Asia. Through this documentary’s exploration of the media industry of livestreaming I discovered the complexities involved between the live-streamer, their audience and the digital currencies that drives the connection between them. Although a lot of live-streamers do have a passion for their job of livestreaming and connect with their audience, it is hard to ignore the substantial amount of money rewarded for this online profession. With this recognition, it makes one question whether the intentions of these live streamers are driven by money.

Athique and Baulch express that the global market in Asia consists of lightning speed transactions of purely electronic money (2019, p. 11). Also, these transactions imply changes not only to…

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