An Auto-Ethnographic Experience with Korean Beauty Standards


For years I had heard about how American beauty standards represented and propelled in the media are unrealistic, detrimental and impressionable for women in society. This got Georgie and I thinking further, into if these same ideas are present in other cultures and if so how impressionable they are. Having heard about the Korean skincare phenomenon, we decided to further investigate the beauty standards within Korean culture, to find there was an abundance of information to be unpacked. We decided to take the angle from three common categories that popped up throughout our beginning research; skin lightening, cosmetic surgery and the use of makeup and skincare. An auto-ethnographic approach to this topic was beneficial to allow us to compare our experience with westernised beauty standards as young woman with Korean ideals of beauty.

Research & Methodology:

As I had made several attempts at an auto-ethnographical approach to research and…

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