Today’s lesson:Filipino mythologies

DA: A cultural understanding and experience of Filipino mythologies

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The bunyip,drop bears,yowie…these are just a few names that pop into my head when I think of Australian folklore/mythologies. These are a series of tales that have developed and sustained Australian culture over many years.

I’ve always considered myself to be culturally understanding, specifically of Australian Aboriginal dreamtime stories and their culture significance. After entering the realm of BCM320, I found that there is more to my understanding of Asian culture than I am aware of. Thus, for my digital artefact I chose to research the topic of mythologies and folklores from an Asian country. Every country has their traditional land owners and history and I believed this was the perfect opportunity to research into the lesser known traditions of an Asian culture from a western perspective.

I decided to choose the country I knew the least about overall and I chose the Philippines, to…

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