Money = Love?

Starting off BCM320’s semester with the film, ‘Love For Sale’ (2018), directed by Andibachtiar Yusuf. The Indonesian film explores the challenges and social pressure felt by a man who is challenged to bring a date to their wedding, therefore leading Richard to download a dating app. Through this he meets Arini and we see their story unfold (IMDB, 2018). Exploring modern day struggles with money, work and love. Through this series of blog posts after indulging in several films from various cultures, I will analyse the various cultural differences through auto-enthnography. Ellis, Adams, and Bochner (2011) defined auto-ethnography as an approach to research and writing that seeks to describe and systematically analyse personal experience in order to understand cultural experience. Through application of this I will attempt to understand Asian culture more in depth.

Although, in Western culture the plot for Love For Sale by know means is…

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