Live-tweeting autoethnography | Part 4: High Score Childhood


Intro | 1: Love For Male? | 2: Hell hath no Furie| 3: Caked in ca$h | 4: High Score Childhood

The following paragraphs may contains spoilers for the television seriesHigh Score Girl(2010-2019).

A Japanese manga romantic comedy,High Score Girl(2010-2019) is a television series beginning in the 90s, revolving around a male gamer and how his relationship with a fellow female gamer develops over time. With an M-rated classification, the show is directed at an adult audience and does not fail in providing a wealth of content evoking childhood memories of gaming. While viewing this series, I felt a sense of sentimentality for the Japanese video games and anime that I consumed in my youth, with my tweets exploring how intertwined they both are in Western culture and consumption.

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