Live-tweeting autoethnography | Part 3: Caked in ca$h


Intro | 1: Love For Male? | 2: Hell hath no Furie | 3: Caked in ca$h |4: High Score Childhood

The following paragraphs may contains spoilers for the film Cake (2018).

Caked in cash

Cake(2018) is a Pakistani comedy-drama film centred around a family and the dynamics of one adult child caring for ill elderly parents, while her other two siblings live their lives in foreign counties. While watching this film, my tweets revealed a fascination with the commodity and fetishisation of the designer handbag, stemming from a love for popular culture and a personal relationship with the handbag in its simplest form.

Assuming thatCake(2018) was about a middle-class family due to the socioeconomic status of the previous films character’s screened earlier in this autoethnography…

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