Is High-Score Girl A Japanese Stereotype?

Courtney Wray

The final viewing for BCM320 was the Japanese Manga series, Hi Score Girl, which revolves around the life of gamer Haruro Yaguchi, and his relationship with quiet female gamer Akira Ono. This series is known as a 90’s arcade romantic comedy and is appreciated for its unique art style, and accurate depictions of the multitude of gaming software and culture.

I loved watching this series because I have always been intrigued by Japanese culture and have always found a fascination in the lifestyle they live. I did some research on Japanese gaming culture and found a few interesting facts:

  • Gaming centres in Japan have strategic locations and are usually built near major train stations.
  • It is not only the major cities that have arcade, even suburban and rural areas have centres at their shopping malls.
  • The popularity of gaming cultures in Japan peaked during mid-1980’s when the country served as…

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