Hi Score Girl Response: Typical Anime Tropes

Very tired third year

This week’s feature was a Japanese anime show titled ‘Hi Score Girl’, it is centred around a young school boy named Haruo who is obsessed with all things gaming, but particularly arcade games, and the relationships he forms with two girls, Akira and Koharu, under the context of gaming. From what I gathered from the Twitter feed, most people seemed to be confused by the storyline and the way it was difficult to tell what was being said verbally by Haruo and what was internal dialogue. This was not an issue I had, I found it very easy to follow what was reality and what was Haruo’s imagination, I found his voice quickened in pace, eyes of himself and those around him go completely white and the background disappears or warps the colours when he was day dreaming. These examples are seen during the first candy shop scene in the…

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