Hi-Score Girl

For BCM320’s final viewing we set out to watch a few episodes of the 2018 Anime, Hi-Score Girl. Hi-Score Girl follows the life of Haruo Yaguchi and his life growing up in the 1990’s a Japanese village where he spends most of his free time playing video games in his local arcades. During the episodes that was watched in class, Haruo develops a rivalry and then later, a friendship with his classmate Akira Ono, a quiet girl who comes from a rich and high class family with very different expectations for her then what Haruo’s family has for him.

Something i really enjoyed about the show was the fact that all of the games they play and talk about during the show, are real games and ones that where popular during the time the show is set. Through looking into this a bit more, i found out that the arcade…

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