Hi-Score Girl: nostalgia in all kinds and flavours.

Timothy Cuff | Video Editor and Sound Designer

The poster above is taken from the series’ wiki.

A teaser trailer for the show.

Continuing the format of the previous autoethnographic post, I’ll post all the tweets I wrote during the screening of the first six episodes of Hi-Score Girl below in descending order. Then, I’ll follow that up with some extra research I did after the screening:

  • Early on, I mentioned the lack of video arcade places in Australia – most of the ‘arcade’ stuff that does exist here are redemption games, games which reward players for their *ahem* “skill” e.g. crane games, Pachinko etc. – which is surprising, considering a recent study by the Interactive Games & Entertainment Association in August 2020 which lists a number of interesting facts including:
    • 2/3 of people in Australia play video games
    • 47% of those who play are female
    • 78% of players are aged 18 and over
    • Average age…

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