Need More Freedom: Strict Japanese School Rules

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Arriving at our last week of BCM320 Blog posts, I will be reviewing the Japanese anime series titled ‘High Score Girl’. This series is about Haruno and his ‘rich’ classmate Akira, playing 90’s games.

Hai Sukoa Garu, Image , IMDb,

As you may know I am from Japan, so a large part of the series was very nostalgic to me, bringing me back to my own childhood. Therefore, today we will be uncovering some similarities and differences regarding the Japanese school culture of ‘Kaigui’ depicted in the series and how that compares to Australia.

Why Kaigui is bad in Japan?

‘Kaigui’ in simple terms is the act of failing to follow a strict routine (e.g. oing straight home from school) in order to satisfy one’s wants or needs. An example can be taken from the act of going to a convenient store for a snack after school instead…

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