High Class Girl: Hi Score Girl (2018) Reflection


This week, I watched four episode of the Japanese, Anime TV series Hi Score Girl. It shows the comedic and romantic misadventures of a couple of kids passionate about arcade games in 1991 Japan.

This quote was said by Haruo, the protagonist in the show and it caught my attention as I am passionate about social behaviour and the issue of gender stereotyping. I find gender stereotyping cliched and also figured Japan is a little traditional in terms of social values. To me, that quote implies that girls would normally not spend their leisure time in an arcade as it’s considered too ‘masculine’. Also, because of Akira’s high social status, Harou made the assumption that wealthy people wouldn’t spend time in an arcade as it would appeal to the middle class. So, class stereotyping is something that is esasparateing.

Regarding gender roles and discrimination in Japan, Chris Kincaidsays that post-WWII…

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