Furie: MMA Meets Family Values


My second week of viewing Asian film saw me see ‘Furie‘ for the first time, a Vietnamese mixed martial arts film that revolves around a mother’s pursuit to retrieve her daughter from kidnappers, during which her morals and questionable past are brought to light. With this viewing came a live tweeting session, during which some interesting points were raised on female representation and the value of family in asian culture.

When researching martial arts’ place in Vietnamese culture and Asia as a whole, I came across this video of Vietnamese police displaying martial arts techniques, showing a speed in movement and precision in striking similar to what was conveyed in the film. Hai Phuongm, the lead character, has a series of fast-paced conflicts with foe that stand between her and her daughter. There’s a distinct lack of firearms (well, until the end), with hand to hand combat being…

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