Cake: Some nice shots, some trope-y sounds and a smattering of cultural oddities

Timothy Cuff | Video Editor and Sound Designer

Poster taken from the film’s IMDB page

Below are all the tweets I made during the screening in descending order (because Twitter is annoying like that). They should give you an idea of my thought process going into the film as well as acting as notes.

Here are some things I found regarding these tweets and thoughts upon further research:

  • When it comes to the multiple languages thing, Pakistan has one of the highest percentages of English-as-a-second-language people in the world, with estimates ranging between one third and around 50% or more.
  • Much of the original soundtrack is made up of songs by a group called The Sketches, which is a Sufi folk rock band from Pakistan. Sufi rock is about combining more modern rock stylings with the traditional Sufi music that is mostly religious and devotional in nature.
  • One of the actors of the film, Sanam Saeed who…

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