Does the film truly reflect the reality of transportation services in Pakistan?

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Back at it again with BCM 320 this week!

This time we focused on the film titled ‘Cake’ by director Asim Abbasi. This movie is based on one family’s journey and their different phases of life, including both love and lost.

The movie was filmed in Pakistan and the U.K, and showcases many aspects of Pakistani lifestyle, especially their culture and traditions.

Therefore, this week I will be exploring one interesting part of their life (transportation), and its comparison within the Australian context!!

Cake (2018), Image, IMDb,

How do people in Pakistan travel??

In Australia, when people travel, they have a variety of options depending on their preference. But, in terms of taxi service, it is common for people to use Uber, Ola etc instead of the traditional ‘Taxi’ in Australia and other developed countries. This is heavily due to the price differences. From my experience, taking an…

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