‘Cake’ Response: fighting gender norms

Very tired third year

This weeks feature film was a Pakistani, family-drama titled ‘Cake’. It showcased exceptional acting, cinematography, and an accurate representation of a family in internal crisis. While the film’s dominant storyline is of a global family that reunites after the matriarch falls ill, it ultimately turns into so much more than what is shown on a surface level, much like a cake. Despite the never ending plot twists and deterrences from the original story, myself and a fair few other classmates found the film to be underwhelming and felt that it dragged on for too long, especially in the middle act. The last few scenes definitely made ‘Cake’ end on a hight note and had given the audience themes and scenarios to reflect on well after the credits rolled, making this film overall a good watch. ‘Cake’ does a fantastic job at refusing to portray gender stereotypes…

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