Cake (2018) Reflection


This week, we watched the film Cake (2018), which is a Pakistani drama/mystery film directed by Asim Abbasi. It tells the story of a woman who looks after her ageing parents and their land is joined by her sister when their parents’ health declines.

When shots of a Pakistani village appeared in the film, I quickly took this into notice. As someone who has Pakistani ancestry, I’ve grown up seeing some Pakistani television shows and films which heavily capture village life in them. Through this, I have acquired knowledge that individuals living in Pakistani villages are much more traditional. They wear traditional-style clothing and lead simpler lives. The architecture is also traditional. Transportation also occurs a lot through donkeys or horses throughout Pakistan.

According to Sir Arsalan, Pakistan is an agricultural country and four-fifth of individuals reside in villages. A village is made up of mud houses, with narrow…

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