‘Let them speak Cake’


This week while watching Pakistani film Cake (2018), directed by London-based filmmaker, Asim Abbasi. Although slow-moving at the onset, the film presented global themes of love, loss, the carrying-on of time, and globalisation and the effects this his on smaller communities. Strong female leads, and the focus on their relationship was also a powerful drawing point of the film for me.

Mindful entertainer - Leisure News - Issue Date: Apr 23, 2018
Cast of film, ‘Cake’ (2018)

The movie had surface level similarities to Bollywood films I had watched, in that the length of the films really enables you to get a good understanding of the characters. However, there were also a lot of ties to the Hollywood romance genres, potentially aided by Abbasi’s familiarity with the Western film genre.

One of the thigs that stood out to me most this week did not necessarily produce an epiphany as was discussed in our lecture, but it did stimulate thought on…

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