Cake: Have it and eat it to?

Carah Charmaine

Image Source: Hello Pakistan

In this blog I will be reflecting on the Pakistani movie Cake (2018). It is a dramedy, that looks at the lives of three siblings Zareen, Zara and their brother Zain who return to their home town to care for their aging parents who have fallen ill (McCaahill 2018). To do this I will be using autoethnography as a reflection tool to process and look at certain aspects of the culture shown in the film. Here you will find my own experiences and understanding of what I have gained as a direct result of my consumption of this film, as I reflect on my live tweets and process my understanding of the topics discussed in the film.

In this film the characters spoke Urdu, but often at times throughout the movie the siblings  used broken English when communicating. My perception of this film is…

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