Music Eases Our Pain

In my opinion, humans are hardwired to respond to music emotionally. Music is a form of art that conveys emotion, sentiment and perception without using language. Music is very important to me – it helps me relax, it lets me be sad, and sometimes a really good song will even give me butterflies. It’s all my own personal experience when I listen to music (e.g. when I’m working out, home alone, in the car, or going to sleep). It must be important for others all around the world too, from my understanding, music has extreme cultural value for most countries. As I was watching Asim Abbasi’s Pakistani film Cake, there were a few scenes where music was used as a tool to ease pain, and as a form of dedication/devotion. The first example of where this occurred was when Abba (the father) was making a speech at his wedding anniversary…

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